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The Smallville fandom newsletter

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The Smallville Fandom Newsletter
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Smallville fandom news, meta, fics, art, polls, etc. A new issue is posted every 10 days.
Warning: this journal may link to adult material. Please use your discretion.
Welcome! sv_ledger is a LiveJournal-centric, though not LJ-exclusive, Smallville fandom newsletter. Issues are posted the 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Editors strive to choose a quality selection of recent news, meta, fics, art, vids, etc., occasionally linking to older fanworks currently being recced in fandom.

Issues are cross-posted to DW/IJ. We don't hard-code usernames on other journaling sites, but non-LJ links will be marked as such.

sv_stalker is our watcher journal. Please don't friend it [back]. It will not give you anything to read and doing so will give all Ledger editors access to your locked entries and information.

Staff: allzugern ~ ciaan ~ jlvsclrk ~ voldything
Pimping: Pimping of Smallville-related fandom news, meta, fics, art, vids, etc. is very much appreciated! We accept links from LJ, as well as DW, IJ, etc. Comment on the latest issue or mail us.

Caveats: Because of the sheer multitude of fics, we cannot list everything. For a fic to be considered, it must have been recently recced (please provide a link to the rec, thank you).

The editorial staff include/exclude links at their discretion: our first responsibility is towards our readers.
Linking: Link to sv_ledger Link to sv_ledger (Click and copy/paste code.)
Affiliates: Mail us about becoming an affiliate community.

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